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Version 1.22.6 is out :)!

Improvement Fix 6 months ago
  • Fixed bug with the invitee name will appear now 
  • Fixed issue with removing profile image while the user recreates the account
  • Fixed an issue when the user is redirected to the home screen after saving changes on the Edit profile screen
  • Fixed that the blurred background of the popups is exceeding out of the container
  • Fixed that the verify phone screen is displayed after deleting the phone number
  • Fixed bug with registration in the Facebook app via referral link
  • update torus - registration new version

Version 1.22.5 :)

Improvement Fix 7 months ago

-Fixed Profile timeout update

-New design of sign in page
-New design of sign up page
-New design of Face Verification pages
-New design of intro pages
-Improve Face Verification performance

Version 1.20.0 is out!

Improvement Fix 9 months ago

- We fixed  UI issues on the "Export wallet" page 
- We aligned the login/sign up buttons
- We fixed the "Total G$ supply" chart, now it shows data
- We fixed error after double-tapping the "Share" button for transaction

- We have upgradet torus version (upgrade sign up/log in)
- We changed the page title tag to "GoodDollar | Home"

Version 1.10.0 is out!

Improvement Fix 10 months ago


  1. The signup and login was separated to 2 different flows
  2. The main CTAs for the signup are now - signup VIA google and signup VIA FB the sign up passwordless is now a link instead of a button that will redirect the user to  the passwordless sign up screen.

- The claim after passing FV, now  works automatically
- fixed issue when the "Try again" screen is displayed after 3 failed times
- User can now delete his account
- Dashboard is now updated 
- Aligned $ sign on the receive/send/pending feeds


  1. New page was added before the Face verification, with the instcrutions for the process 
  2. New error massage was created for usesrs that will fail 3 times in the FV, they will be asked to try with diffrent device.
  3. The wallet address was added to the 'export wallet' screen + new warning pop-up 
  4. Special error message if it's impossible to connect to the camera was added


  1. Removing of the 'name' section from the send/receive confirmation process
  2. Changed the chart line name on the "G$ Per Claimer" chart
  3. Removed extra characters from instruction on the "Try again" screen
  4. Sms on passwordless was changed to Verify sms service on twilo- should allow smoother process