Version 1.9.0 is out!

8 months ago


  1. New page was added before the Face verification, with the instcrutions for the process 
  2. New error massage was created for usesrs that will fail 3 times in the FV, they will be asked to try with diffrent device.
  3. The wallet address was added to the 'export wallet' screen + new warning pop-up 
  4. Special error message if it's impossible to connect to the camera was added


  1. Removing of the 'name' section from the send/receive confirmation process
  2. Changed the chart line name on the "G$ Per Claimer" chart
  3. Removed extra characters from instruction on the "Try again" screen
  4. Sms on passwordless was changed to Verify sms service on twilo- should allow smoother process