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Version v0.12.0 is out!

New 11 months ago

New Features:

  • Hanuka Miracle Bonus for eToro users - Get extra UBI for every lit candle that day!


  • Fixed wrong status color for feed received payment card
  • Fixed issue where user could press confirm multiple times and accidentally sending the transaction multiple times
  • Fixed issue clicking on an item link in GoodMarket not leading directly to item page


  • Faster response when canceling transaction in feed
  • Market and Rewards tabs load faster without visible reloads

Version v0.11.0 is out!

New 11 months ago

New economic dashboard is available, where you can see different statistics collected from the blockchain, check it out at:


  • Some of you did not get your bonuses, that should be fixed once you upgrade. #1061
  • Fixed flicker while scrolling feed #1039
  • Major bug fixed in our p2p database, some of you might experienced disappearing or duplicate feed cards.


  • Continuing making it pixel perfect.

Version V0.10.11 is Out

New 11 months ago

New Features:

  • When no connection show a popup to user until connection is back
  • Nicer looking payment links
  • Prompt user to refresh app when new version is available
  • Magiclink screen moved to end of registration
  • Different UI updates


  • Many of you experienced issues when withdrawing payments, should be solved now
  • Many issues fixed during the creation of wallet process
  • Editing profile image back button works correctly
  • Correct feed icons to match transaction type

Version v0.10.7 is out!

New 1 year ago


  • Solve issue some etorians had on signup, that it required email verification
  • Out of gas was sometimes shown when going back to app


  • smoother feed

Version 0.10.6 is Out

New 1 year ago


Make sure you are not on dallaman wifi when using wallet.


  • Market links from email now open directly in wallet
  • Clearer error messages on payment withdraw
  • Notification if no internet connection


  • New storage engine, solves registration, feed and profile saving issues.
  • Wallet creation issues
  • Network issue when trying to claim or withdraw payment link
  • IOS opens market and rewards in new tab for easy return to wallet.
  • Incorrect icons in feed
  • Delete account is now working. Don't do it!
  • Pixel perfect UI fixes