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  • New Improvement Fix

    Changelog 1.34.0

    1) Fixed bug with email verification failed
    2) Fixed bug with Original payment link TX not found
    3) Fixed bug with TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getReadModeConfig’ of undefined
    4) Fixed bug with Passwordless users unable to sign-up/log-in due to missing captcha
    5) Fixed bug with ENS is not supported on network private
    6) Fixed bug with TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘e.theme.colors’)
    7) Fixed bug with The country flag doesnt shown on the Edit Profile page and on the welcome page when you need to verify you phone number
    8) Fixed bug with The “Claim” circle is endless when received you reward. The countdown is not shown after received reward
    9) Fixed bug with The “gatherStats failed” error appears after a click on the “claim” button.


    - Added Vercel banner
    - Reduced blockchain network calls
    - Upgraded to React 17 and ReactNative 0.65

    Pat Pedrosa

    Pat Pedrosa